Friday, January 28, 2011

Health Competition

At my work we are having a healthy contest. Its based on a point system. A certain number of points for working out, eating healthy, losing weight, getting sleep etc. Who ever wins gets an amazing prize and since well I need to get back into shape for summer I figure I might as well try extra hard so I can win. I already quit smoking which hopefully will give me some points. I have been eating healthier and trying to work out more. Yesterday I went to the gym and ran 4 miles so hopefully I will keep it up. I am going to try to lose about 10 pounds, tone up and stay healthy. I will keep you updated. Right now, Height - 5'3 Weight - 117 (so my scale says...I think its wrong) Motivation - Look damn hot in a bikini

1 comment:

  1. Love your "motivation"...a bit self-center but hey, that is exactly my motivation for trying to keep my bum in shape too :). Hope you kick butt, take names, and win a prize!!!! xx Cat